Once the migration is completed you will be able to login into your account right away without any change and can continue to use your account normally.

You will need to connect to the new MetaTrader server labelled KOT-Live2 and that shows the new KOT4X MetaTrader icon.

Once you have received the email notification that the server migration is complete, at that time, you may then log back into your account.


On Desktop, you will need to enter the new MetaTrader server name KOT-Live2

Your account number and password should be autosaved, if not re-enter the account number and password stored in your email or you may also reset your password.

On Mobile, you will need to remove your account from your mobile app and reload it, this time searching for and choosing the new KOT4X server KOT-Live2. You will need to enter your account number and password to relog back in again.