You will need to start with downloading PlayonMac which will allow Windows programs to run on your Mac.

This can be downloaded for free from the following link;

 Click here

Next step is to come to KOT4X and download Metatrader by following the below steps;

You need to hover your mouse over "Download Metatrader" that you will see on the top of the homepage then click "Download Metatrader".

You are now all set up and may begin trading with KOT4X!

Do you have another Metatrader app on your Mac?

You may have tried another broker or you may be trading on multiple brokers. This is no problem for us. You can simply connect to our servers through the existing Metatrader a setup you have running. 

You will need to connect to:

  • Live: (kot4x-Live)

Demo: (kot4x-Demo)

MT4 is no longer widely available on Mac OS since 32 Bit applications are not compatible with the new versions of Mac OS. You would need to use a Virtual Machine or Software to make use of MT4.
The MetaTrader website suggests PlayonMac however, we do not officially support PlayonMac.