Here's a guide on how to join KOT4X's Affiliate Program and start earning rewards:

Go to the "Affiliates" section on the KOT4X website.

Click on the "Become an Affiliate" link and fill out the form that pops up, including your Bitcoin address for receiving bonuses.

You will need to provide us with a valid USDT address where your accumulated commissions will be sent to.

Once you've become an affiliate, access your Affiliate Dashboard to track your referrals and payouts.

Scroll down to find your unique affiliate link and share it with your friends.

 Your referrals will earn you 10% of the sum they pay to KOT4X.

 Accumulate at least $100 in rewards to be eligible for the weekly payout.

 Your accumulated rewards will be paid out every Friday.

 You can change your payout address and Bitcoin address at any time.

 Check your referral list and payout history in the Affiliates section by clicking on the "Referrals" icon at the top of the page.