The fees paid out from offers will automatically be sent to your Fund. Leaving the fees there will make them part of the pool of funds used for trading.

The total amount of fees paid can be viewed from the Information section in your fund.

You can withdraw your fee payouts by following the steps below:

Go to the relevant fund, and click/tap on the 3 dots, then select Withdraw.

Enter the amount you would like to withdraw, and click on the Withdraw button when you are ready to proceed.

Once the withdrawal is completed, the funds will be available in your PAMM Money Manager account. You can move these funds by performing an internal transfer.

If you do not want your money to be part of the funds and want this withdrawal process to be automated, follow the steps below:

Click/tap on the 3 dots, then select Edit.

Tick the Automatically Withdraw Fees box and press Save. The funds will now be automatically sent directly to your Manager account.