The Money Manager overseeing the fund can create an offer to allow compensation for their trading activities. These offers will contain three different fees that an Investor is required to pay if they wish to join a Money Manager's fund.

A Money Manager can create an offer by following the steps below:

Go to the PAMM Accounts Widget and select the relevant Fund.

Click/tap on the Offers tab, then click/tap on the Create button to add a new fund, or click/tap on the Amend button to change the default offer on the fund.

Enter a name for the offer. If needed, you may also add a description.

In the configuration section, you can determine the minimum fee, as well as how often this is charged.


The Performance Fee:

This fee is applied as compensation for the Money Manager's trading knowledge and experience. A manager will receive a percentage of the profit made from a trade when this fee is set up.

As can be seen from the example below, if a profit return ranges from 0% to 30%, the investor will be required to pay performance fees of 10%.

The Investor will be required to pay 20% in fees if the Money Manager earns profit returns of more than 30%.

The Management Fee:

This fee can be applied to the management and handling of the funds.

Based on the investor's equity value, a money manager may charge a percentage or a currency value. This charge can also be level-set and is often reduced as the Investor's investment grows.

In this case, a 10% fee will be charged if the investor deposits between $0 and $2000. The charge is 5% if the investor deposits more than $2000.

The Deposit Fee:

This fee can be applied so that a Money Manager can receive a percentage of every deposit made into the fund.

In this case, a 15% fee will be charged if the investor deposits between $0 and $10,000. A 10% fee is charged if the investor deposits more than $10,000.

You can create a personalized link for your offers from the Join Links section.

To create a link, click/tap here.

To finalize your offer, click/tap on Create.