Please tap on "Deposit Funds" on the left-hand side taskbar. 

1. Choose "Dogecoin" (DOGE) 

2. Select the currency "Wallet" for your deposit. 

3. Insert the "Amount" you wish to deposit. 

4. Once you are happy with the amount you have entered, tap the "Redirect me to the Payments Page" button. 

5. Go to your Dogecoin wallet and send the funds to the Dogecoin wallet address that we give to you. 

6. If depositing Dogecoin directly with us, you will see the address to send your Dogecoin to so you would need to insert this on your wallet provider's side.

Please Note: A new Dogecoin (DOGE) address is created each time you create a deposit notification.

Important information:

Do not save any of the addresses we provide you. 
Due to the digital currency protocols, transactions can neither be canceled nor reversed once processed. 

Providing incorrect details may result in the permanent loss of funds.  

For you to receive your funds, your Dogecoin deposits will need to be confirmed by the Blockchair 3-6 times.

This can typically take 1-3 hours.

If it goes over the above time frame or you think there may be an issue with the payment, please contact