Your dashboard can be considered as your challenge's diary. It records and updates your trading progress accordingly and swiftly. You can click here to go directly to the dashboard login page. 

Section One - Stats

The stats section is a helpful section providing informative values of the challenge itself such as the;

  • Account size selected
  • Current equity
  • Balance
  • Start and end date
  • Along with the last sync date. (This is similar to the refresh button on your browser)

Section Two - Requirements

The requirements section will keep you updated with how you are progressing within the challenge's requirements such as the;

  • Trading days required
  • Total profit achieved
  • Current max daily drawdown
  • Current max drawdown 

Section Three - Trading History

This section is dedicated to the trades executed within the challenge period. You have full information regarding past trades such as;

  • Type (Buy or Sell)
  • Symbol
  • Volume
  • Date of execution and closure
  • Open price
  • Stop loss/take profit
  • Close price
  • Profit and Loss

Section Four - Trading History Chart

In addition to providing the above details, a chart is included to display the data of the number of trades placed within the challenge period.