KOT4X is pleased to present our new Funded Account challenge, which aims to give you a chance of winning a fully funded account on us!

  • To sign-up for the challenge, start by clicking here.
  • Choose between our account sizes.
  • Click on Checkout.

  • You will then need to enter the information required for billing details.
  • When entering your phone number, remember to add your country code!
  • Once you are comfortable to proceed, click on Send Bitcoin.

  • Scan the QR code or manually copy the Bitcoin address to send the funds over from your wallet provider. Kindly bear in mind that network or wallet fees are not taken into consideration in this amount.

IMPORTANT: The system will not automatically send the credentials if the full amount is not received.

The below Bitcoin address and QR code presented on this guide is for educational purposes only.

Once the payment has been settled, you will receive your demo credentials via email with access to your own challenge dashboard.

As soon as this email is received, your challenge will begin.