As we have recently migrated our MetaTrader Server Environment to a different instance, you might need to take a few extra steps to log back in to your live account from your MetaTrader iPhone App. 

Please follow the guidelines below to help you log back in to avoid any connection issues:

Step 1:

After opening the MetaTrader App, go to the Settings option and select Settings once again;

Step 2:

Tap and hold on the MetaTrader 4 logo until your phone vibrates (it usually takes around 5 seconds);

Step 3:

Tap on  Login to an existing account.

Step 4:

Search for kot-live and select which live server you would like to connect to.

Should you not be sure of the server that you need to connect to, you may also find this information in the "My Accounts" section on your KOT4X account as below:

Step 5:

Enter in your account details on the next screen which can be found in the email received when your live account was created, as below. You may also have saved this information in your personal password applications or private notes.

You will need to take note of your:
Server Name
Account Number
Trader Password