MetaTrader for Mac is available on the most recent MacOS version, Big Sur. The download will be unavailable on Catalina or other prior versions. To begin downloading, click here.

When the download is complete, you will need to drag the download to the "Applications" folder as advised below.

You will now receive this prompt to allow MetaTrader to open. Confirm by clicking on "Open".

 You may be asked to install "Wine Gecko Installer" on your Mac when attempting to start the application. If so, click on "Install".

Once Wine Gecko Installer finalizes its download, MetaTrader will now open and you will be able to search for the server you would like to connect to by clicking on the green + icon.

You can search for our servers by clicking on the plus icon or pressing the Scan button.  Type in: KOT LTD and click on the Scan button

Alternatively please add the below server details manually:

KOT-Live2 or KOT-Live3 (relevant server to your account can be found on the email with your login details)

Select your server and click on "Next".

 Since the account has already been created, select "Existing Trade Account" and enter in your login details which you have received via email when creating your account. Please ensure that the "Trader" password is used to login.

 After a few seconds, you should be logged in to your account and will be able to start trading!