If you have already downloaded MT4, follow these steps to update from old server KOT-Live to KOT-Live2 (mt4.kot4x.com)

  • When you open MT4 the login box should open automatically if it does not open just right click on the KOT4X Live account and select "Login to Trade Account"

  • In the Server: remove KOT-Live

  • In the server box, copy and paste in mt4.kot4x.com  ( you will not see kot-live2 or mt4.kot4x.com in the dropdown if you are using an older version of KOT4X MT4 so you will need to copy and paste in mt4.kot4x.com)

  • You also need to input your Trader password, This would have been emailed to you when you created the MT4 account or you can reset the password by following the instructions HERE
  • If you are still having difficulty, you can download the latest version of KOT4X MT4 HERE