Bitcoin or Debit/Credit Card (via Multiple 3rd Party Platforms) - payment can usually take between 1-3 hours depending on the Blockchain traffic (or until the payment gets 3-6 confirmations).

  • When you deposit funds into your KOT4X account, please make sure to check all the details carefully.
  • You will need to make sure that you inputted the right Bitcoin Address and that you have sent us Bitcoin and not Bitcoin Cash.
  • You can also check out the Blockchain website for further information about your payment. 
  • Please make sure that any transaction code we provide you is used only once

Bitcoin (via Multiple 3rd Party Platforms): 

We would like to advise you that when you are re-directed to our 3rd party provider, you will be purchasing Bitcoin with your card and transferring Bitcoin into our kingdom.

Also, before the funds can be credited into your account, you would may need to authorize or confirm the purchase depending on which provider you use.

Payment Statuses 

APPROVEDYour deposit has been approved.

CANCELLEDYour deposit has been cancelled. It may be that the deposit request timed-out or you cancelled the deposit request.

WAITING_CONFIRMATIONThe funds have been sent to the Blockchain Network to be processed.

WAITING_APPROVALWe would be waiting for your funds to be processed. 

REJECTED: We would have declined your deposit request and would have left you a little note in the comment box next to your payment.