Our margin rules are the following: 

  • Margin Call - 100%
  • Stop Out level - 70% 

You can find your Margin Level on your desktop or mobile MetaTrader. Meaning, if you reach 100% you get a margin call and you are not able to open any trades. 

If you reach 70% Margin or below, A Stop Out will occur at which MetaTrader will start to close the client’s open positions one by one.

To maintain higher margin levels, you may either raise your equity by adding more margin to your account or decrease the margin you're trading on by reducing the lot size of your holdings.

You are also able to enable MetaTrader notifications on your smartphone to assist in limiting the number of stop-outs you face. You will be notified anytime a Margin Call is triggered on your trading account if you do so.

For further information on how to enable the MetaTrader notifications, click the links below:

Receiving MetaTrader Notifications to your Android

Receiving MetaTrader Notifications to your iPhone