Video Guide

Firstly, start by going directly to

On the top taskbar on the far right click Download MT4 or click here

Click Run once the file downloads (If you are using Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer).

You can search for our servers by clicking on the plus icon or pressing the Scan button.  

Type in: KOT LTD and click on the Scan button

Select KOT-Live2 or KOT-Live3. The email that you would receive when creating your account would tell you which server to choose. Alternatively, you may check the My Accounts section in your trading account to note your required server choice.

Select the Next button.

Select Existing Trade Account.

Enter the MetaTrader account details from the email that you received when you created an MT4 account, making sure to use your trader password.

Click the Login button.                                                               


Wait a few moments for everything to load. Once loaded you will see your account on the left!